Here is a workshop I am co-organizing with Prof. George Karypis

1st International Workshop on Data Mining in Drug Discovery (RxDM ‘09)    held in conjunction with SIAM Data Mining Conference (SDM 2009)


 Dates:  April 30- May 2, 2009 Sparks, NV, USA

 Drug discovery is an expensive and challenging process. In silico methods have played a key role in aiding the discovery process, in pharmaceutical companies and government institutes alike. Government initiatives (Molecular Library Initiative and Chemical Genetics Initiative) have lead to an increase in the amount of available public data in the form of chemical compounds, and experiments analyzing the interaction of compounds with proteins/genes i.e., biological spaces. In conjunction, the advances in sequencing technologies have lead to similar increases in the amount of sequence data in the form of DNA, genes, and proteins. Biological experiments related to gene expression profiling, and structural genomics initiatives have also added another dimension of data. There is a need for mapping the different spaces “biological” with “chemical” to understand the function of complex biological systems, with implications in drug discovery.

Suggested Topics (but not limited to the following) include:

   1. Structure-Activity Relationship Models.

   2. Chemical Descriptor Spaces.

   3. Predictive Toxicology.

   4. Gene, Disease, Drug Connections.

   5. Chemical genetics and  chemogenomics

   6. Structural Bioinformatics

   7. Systems Biology and Drugs

   8. Network Pharmacology

More information:

Contact Workshop Chairs at rangwala AT CS DOT GMU DOT EDU for questions. 

Chairs: Huzefa Rangwala (George Mason University) and George Karypis (University of Minnesota)